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Site Appraisal Services

Before making the commitment to buy a site or ahead of preparing a planning application or starting architectural design, we strongly recommend our Planning Appraisal service. Our Appraisals are designed to cater for both members of the public with no previous exposure to Planning, as well as experienced developers.

Our Appraisals provide advice on a range of matters, from specific development proposals to assessing general development opportunities. We do not require plans or drawings to be prepared prior to undertaking this service. Our Planning Appraisals also confirm for certain developments whether a scheme would constitute permitted development or require a full planning application submission.

Planning rules and planning application requirements are changing all the time.  With a raft of new revisions during 2023 an appraisal is an essential first step!  

Our Planning Appraisals are offered in two levels of detail:

In-Principle Appraisal - This the most basic form of site appraisal that we offer and is generally suitable for more simple general enquiries (note: this option may not be suitable for more complex sites or locations affected by certain constraints that require a more detailed analysis).  We will provide you with a summary letter that sets out a basic assessment of whether the principle and location of the proposed development is likely to have planning potential. 

We will not go into a detailed consideration of the key planning constraints (flood risk, heritage, protected trees etc) but we will check if any of these apply to your site.  Within this assessment we will also offer a view on whether any of the works proposed could be permitted development and carried out without planning permission (including subject to the prior approval process).  This form of assessment is charged at a flat rate that allows for around 3 hours of consultancy time and is a desk-based review using available data and mapping.

Detailed Planning Appraisal – Alternatively, we can provide a 'Detailed Planning Appraisal' – this is generally recommended for more complex sites, such as those affected by different planning constraints (flood risk, heritage, ecological etc) or those located in protected areas, such as Green Belt land or nature reserves.

Our detailed planning appraisal explores the planning potential of your land or property and is by far the most popular type of appraisal we provide.  It expands on the above by providing an assessment of the relevant planning constraints, including those most critical to the development as well as a more thorough planning policy analysis and site history review. This is typically used by people who are considering purchasing land or property, including local developers, people buying land at auctions or people that have seen a development opportunity for sale.

This appraisal is meticulously researched and takes time to prepare, including completing the necessary searches. More complex major development proposals can require additional time, and so each assignment is quoted on an individual basis. Our positive customer feedback consistently shows us that our reports are incredibly worthwhile to developers and homeowners - and in the long term can save you significant sums by getting the right information up front

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If it looks like your site has potential, we can then discuss moving forward with either a planning application or a pre-application submission to the local authority. 


If it looks like your site has potential we can then discuss moving forward with either a planning application or a pre-application submission to the local authority. Often with developments involving any new housing or commercial schemes, a pre-application submission to the Council is recommended to seek their views on the acceptability of the proposal and requirements for any additional information that will be needed as part of the application. In many cases, Councils will choose not to negotiate with applicants unless pre-application advice has been previously sought.

If you want further advice on the above, including whether these services would be appropriate for your proposal, get in touch with us on 01522 581383 to discuss the next steps and our likely fees for preparing your pre-application pack, including some initial design ideas. 


If you have applied for planning permission and received a refusal notice, we can undertake a review of the Council’s justification for its refusal reasons. Equally, you may have received planning permission but found that conditions have been applied that you would like to challenge or need to try and get them removed, such as occupancy restrictions or a limit on your hours of operation.

Decision Review - Depending on the Council’s justifications, our Decision Review might recommend a re-submission of the application with amendments to address the refusal reason/s, or whether consideration should be given to a Planning Appeal instead - or possibly even both!
Condition Review - We will assess the reasons for the conditions that have been applied and provide you with a written opinion on whether these can be overcome and/or removed.

In all cases the extent (and fee) of the Decision Review or Condition Review will need to be considered on a case by case basis.

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