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pUBLIC CONSULTATION: 3 new homes at High St, Scampton

This page is designed to provide you with information on a proposed development that would replace a large agricultural shed at the former Manor Farm site in the centre of  Scampton with 3 detached family homes

Local support is needed before this development can be considered by West Lindsey District Council and so the local developer that would like to build the homes is asking all residents that live in the village to respond to this consultation.

The information below tells you more about this consultation, shows how to submit your comments and provides all of the details you need, including scale plans and 3D 'virtual reality' images of how the site will look.

The consultation is open from 1st August and closes 31st August - it takes less than 1 minute to respond online.

A view of the site as it appears now. The large shed has an asbestos roof and is located at the heart of the village. It is in need of replacement and is no longer in agricultural use.

Why is this consultation taking place?

Planning decisions are made in accordance with the development plan for the area – for Scampton this mainly consists of the ‘Central Lincolnshire Local Plan’ which was adopted in 2017.   

The local plan set a growth 'allowance' for each village in the area – for Scampton this meant that the village could grow by 10%, or 8 new homes.  However, this figure is not a limit on the number of new homes that are allowed, instead policy LP4 of the local plan requires developers to provide "clear evidence of community support"  in villages where the ‘allowance’ has already been reached. 

In Scampton this is the case, in fact the growth figure had been exceeded before the plan was even adopted.  Therefore, to meet the requirements of the local plan, community support must be provided.  To do this, all of the residents in Scampton village are being invited to provide their view on this development. It is important that you have your say and it is hoped that the development is seen as an opportunity to improve this site at the heart of your village and make it safer and more attractive for existing residents and future generations alike. The information below is to help you make an informed decision about the plans.  

It takes just a few seconds to submit your response and you can do that by clicking here.  Alternatively, you can complete the paper questionnaire that has been posted to all residents in Scampton and pop it in the post-box at the entrance to the site.  Please note that your details will only be used to record the responses we have received.  These will be shared with the Council for this planning application only and will not be used for any other purpose.

FAQs - Use the drop down sections below to read more about this development (please click on the '+' sign to the right to open)

Local property developers Millcroft Development Ltd. 

Millcroft Development have been planning, designing, creating and delivering homes of distinction across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire for over 20 years.

Whether first time buyer homes, luxury executive dwellings or retirement apartments, exceptional attention to detail, outstanding finishing and personal after care service is the company ethos for any size of project. Visit their website to see more about the homes they build, including right here in Scampton. 

The current building is a large steel and asbestos shed which has historically been used for agricultural purposes including drying grain, but is no longer in regular use. The building is approximately 37m long by 19m wide and is very clearly visible from the road.  It now has houses built on both sides of it.

The roof and walls are primarily made from asbestos-based material, grey in colour, with large metal doors on the west of the building.

Asbestos is dangerous and harmful and has to be handled and removed properly under the special care of qualified contractors that are licensed and required to meet strict legal requirements.  Removal of the shed will ensure that all of this material is safely removed from the site and taken away from the centre of the village. 

The development site is located in between the newbuild estate of 617 Court and Manor Farm Cottage on the High Street, directly opposite the layby which loops off the High Street (this is the layby which serves as access to the school).  The existing agricultural shed has residential dwellings very close on both sides, and therefore it has minimal agricultural potential for new farming uses in future, so a different use is being sought. 

The entrance in to the site is currently situated to the right of the building (west of the site) and the boundary of the site is marked with a 3ft stone wall with small shrubs and trees directly behind it.

A lot of thought has been given to the layout and design of this small development.  It is specifically designed to include the styles of homes and architectural features that can be seen along the High Street.  The number of homes has been limited to 3 because this will allow more garden and space between each home.  In summary:

  • The development would be an attractive addition to the village and will remove an under-used asbestos shed that is close to the end of its functional lifespan.
  • The existing stone wall and greenery at the front of the site will be retained - this will help ensure the new homes blend in easily.
  • The properties will be made from materials in keeping with surrounding houses, including the use of limestone walls and light brick.
  • The current entrance will be retained and improved to provide a proper road surface with access to two of the properties at the rear of the site. The property closest to the road will be accessed via a private driveway directly off the High Street. 

Each property will have:

  • A private driveway with enough space to park two cars.
  • A single storey double garage.
  • A spacious private back garden.
  • Aesthetic landscaping including the addition of shrubs and small trees.
  • Privacy from one another with suitable boundaries.

We hope that you have found this information helpful .

Please complete the short survey to submit your views. Thank you.