Advertising Consent

Planning Approval for new signs, adverts, murals and shop fronts

We can help you apply for advertising consent - get in touch
We can help you apply for advertising consent - get in touch

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We can help you apply for advertising consent - get in touch

If you are considering new signage, advertising boards or even a new mural, it is likely that you should also consider the need for advertising consent or planning permission.

The rules can be complex, so obtaining professional advice is a great first step and if planning permission or an Advertising Consent is required, we can handle everything you need to remain fully compliant with the regulations and get the permission you need in place. Getting this right will also save you both time and costs in the long run!

As a starting point we always carefully research the advertisement regulations to assess whether advertisement consent is likely to be required for your proposal, under the definition of an ‘advertisement’ within section 336(1) of the TCPA.

Secondly, we check if the planned advert or sign falls within any of the schedules set out in the Advertisement Regulations (as some advertisements which do not require consent). The display of advertisements is controlled through a specific approval process and separate planning permission is not required in addition to advertisement consent.

Advertisements are controlled with reference to their effect on amenity and public safety only, so the regime is lighter touch than the system for obtaining planning permission for development.  In some cases, it will be beneficial to make a pre-application submission forward to the local planning authority, and we can assist in putting this submission together.

Get in touch with your plans and we will be happy to provide you with a fee proposal for making an application for advertising consent on your behalf.

Why us?  We are proud to have achieved a solid reputation for successfully obtaining planning permission for a broad range of developments, ranging from bespoke individual properties, conversions and extensions through to some of the region’s largest new housing developments and regeneration projects - plus a range of commercial, leisure and sports developments. 

You are in safe hands usings our advice and design services - during 2021 and 2022 all of the applications we submitted on behalf of our clients gained planning approval. However, if your project has not tuned out as you'd hoped and even if your used a different architect or planning consultants, we can help!

Contact us and let's get started!