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Including site design & architectural plans for all forms of equine development and equestrian facilities

Fytche-Taylor are a leading specialist in Equestrian Planning and Equine Development Design

Equestrian Development & Equine Planning and Design

As a leading specialist in the equestrian planning sector, Fytche-Taylor's professional team are here to help with all types of equine development and equestrian facilities to transform your vision into a reality.

With our dedicated in-house expertise, and horse owners and eventing competitors amongst our team, we hold a detailed understanding of the equine industry and the specification requirements for the construction of new and purpose-built developments, including riding arenas, stabling, exercise and training facilities, equine hydrotherapy and veterinary installations.  Contact us - [email protected] or call  01522 581383

Our team work on equestrian developments of all scales from private home stable and manège to riding arenas or polo clubs

Our team work on developments of all scales - ranging from private owners and riders looking to create smaller scale private home stables and manège, through to clients and prestigious commercial partners from across the equestrian world to design modern and bespoke arenas and ancillary buildings.

So, whether you are planning to create your own private training facility, a commercial livery or yard, and whatever discipline your equestrian development will serve, Fytche-Taylor's team will work with you to devise a truly exceptional, safe and purpose-built development that is directly suited to the needs of you and your horses - and also to your personal budget.

With our rich portfolio of projects ranging from private stabling, polo clubs, dressage and showjumping, through to major and bespoke arenas with an equestrian centre as part of a larger leisure site, our team will work with you at every stage - always offering professional and friendly advice to guide you through the important design, site layout and planning considerations.

Once we have finalised your plans we act as lead agents to prepare and submit your planning application and, for new buildings, our in-house construction professionals will ensure that all developments and designs are highly energy efficient, beautifully presented and achieve full compliance with building regulations and any relevant environmental or sustainability requirements.

As one of the UK’s premier Equine Planning & Equestrian Development Specialists we will help turn your vision into reality
As one of the UK’s premier Equine Planning & Equestrian Development Specialists we will help turn your vision into reality
Fytche-Taylor's team will work with you to devise a truly exceptional, safe and purpose-built equestrian development
Fytche-Taylor's team will work with you to devise a truly exceptional, safe and purpose-built equestrian development

"I had the privilege of working with the team at Fytche-Taylor on a particularly challenging project … Their expertise in navigating the intricate maze of legal constraints was nothing short of impressive ensuring that every aspect of our project was meticulously addressed".

Mr E Isles, Five Star Google Review

Equestrian Development Experts - rider shown is our team member and experienced showjumping competitor, Caitlin.
Rider shown is our team member and experienced showjumping competitor, Caitlin.
Fytche-Taylor Planning & Design for Equestrian and Equine Development - based at Burton Waters Marina, Lincoln

Our equine planning & design services include:

  • Planning applications for all forms of equine development and equestrian facilities – whether it be for a horse walker, lunge pen, indoor or outdoor arena, new stable block, barn, field shelter or all of these rolled into one.
  • Determination of whether a pre-application, outline, or full planning application is necessary and full preparation of those (including all plans and any additional reports).
  • Planning applications for change of use of land to equestrian use, including for grazing land.
  • Applications for building conversions.
  • Full design packages – architectural plans, measured building surveys, and building plans.
  • Bespoke concept design – develop your idea with our in-house architectural designer and expert in equine planning to work best for you.
  • Determination of necessary surveys required, relevant to the specific type of equine development in question.
  • Post-planning Support – Building Regulations drawings and construction advice (separate fees/appointments apply)

We offer the option of in-house architectural design for all equestrian development projects, including post-planning support to ensure full Building Regulation compliance and applications to discahrge any planning conditions. 

We understand that at the heart of any equine development, a safe environment for you and your horse to enjoy is paramount.  Therefore, when designing your equestrian establishment whatever that may entail, there are many important considerations:

  • Suitable indoor flooring.
  • Designated wash bay area.
  • Feed and bedding store.
  • Well placed taps and water supply.
  • Automatic drinkers.
  • Suitable material specifically designed for equine use with a safe finish.
  • Appropriately sized walkways and stables.
  • Proper and suitable ventilation.
  • Well designed tack room in a practical location.
  • Tie up areas with cover from the weather.
  • Location of muck heap for accessibility and environmental purposes.
  • Appropriate lighting
  • Paddock layouts and access.

We are always interested in new and innovative projects to work with and together as a team, by bringing our collective knowledge of the equine industry, our expert in house architectural, construction and planning services, we will be able to support you from start to finish.

Our equine planning & design services include preparing planning applications for all forms of equine development
Our equine planning & design services include preparing planning applications for all forms of equine development

More about our Equine Planning Services ...

Our services are bespoke to each project; and we recognise that designs for a planning application will differ for each individual piece of land or property. What may work for one user may not for another, the development must be practical and efficient for the individual.

Contact us on 01522 581383 or email [email protected]

Why us?  We are proud to have achieved a solid reputation for successfully obtaining planning permission for a broad range of developments, ranging from bespoke individual properties, conversions and extensions through to some of the region’s largest new housing, leisure and commercial projects. 

Already have an architect on board?  Some clients will have already appointed an architect, and that’s fine too. We work in collaboration with a range of local architects and architectural designers and so where an architect is already on-board we’re very happy to work alongside them and provide support on the planning side only.

Equestrian Development FAQ's

Every case is individual, therefore whilst there are general rules and policies for different types of developments, the preparation for submitting a planning application will differ to an extent for each client. Planning permission (or planning consent as some describe it) is the permission required in order to be allowed to build, extend or change the use of land or buildings.

Therefore, dependant on the type of development will depend on the amount of work required prior to submitting the application – for a change of use of land from agricultural to equestrian use may take less time than the time to complete a planning application for an outdoor menage at your property, which may still take less time than a planning application for an indoor arena, for example.

There are many variables which can have an impact on the amount of work required by us prior to submitting a client’s application.

Once submitted, it can take your Local Planning Authority between 8 and 13 weeks to issue a decision, depending on the scale of the development proposed, with the exception of more complex developments which may take longer.

For more general information on planning and the timescales and costs involved, please visit out FAQ’s page here.

The answer is, usually, yes!

A menage makes life much easier for exercising your horse being a flat and safe enclosed space, potentially under cover and with appropriate lighting, so it is crucial that you have the correct planning permission to build.  In most cases the planning application will also need to ensure you can use the land for equestrian purposes - which is considered different to agricultural land in planning terms.

A menage is classed as development in most cases. If you intend to build a menege, for example, dig out the ground, put in drainage and then resurface, this is operational development and also requires planning for the installation. An outdoor, low key menege may be acceptable to some Councils.

The types of surveys and assessments that may be required for a planning application for an equestrian development will vary, dependant on its location and the development plans. There are a multitude of factors that, as planning consultants, we will consider in order to be able to establish what surveys will be required.

We have the skills to complete certain reports, however we also work with a variety of independent specialists who will be able to support us in completing your planning application.  At the outset, we will discuss these matters with you and are always transparent about any additional costs or report requirements that you may have.

Surveys and Reports that may be necessary:

  • Environmental Surveys – land and visual impact assessments.
  • Ecology and Biology Surveys.
  • Sustainable Drainage Reports.
  • Heritage Impact Assessments.
  • Flood Risk Assessment.

There are different legal definitions for on land use for Agriculture and Equestrian, which many landowners are unaware of, but it is important to consider these before allowing horses on your land. If your land is classed as agricultural land, but you are using it for equestrian purposes, then you could be subject to enforcement action by the Local Authority.

Agriculture is defined in section 336 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as:

horticulture, fruit growing, seed growing, dairy farming, the breeding and keeping of livestock (including any creature kept for the production of food, wool, skins or fur, or for the purpose of its use in the farming of land), the use of land as grazing land, meadow land, osier land, market gardens and nursery grounds, and the use of land for woodlands where that use is ancillary to the farming of land for other agricultural purposes”.

This means that in order to have horses on your land and it fall within agricultural use, they must be dealt the same as if you were to have pigs, sheep or cattle i.e. to be working horses on the land (ploughing), or for grazing only.

This means that, if you do so much as to even rug your horse in the winter or provide them with additional hard feed or exercise them in any way in that field, then this will not constitute agriculture and a change of use of the land to equestrian use will be required.

If you are unsure or concerned about whether you may be using your land for equestrian purposes and it is agricultural land, please contact us for advice.

It all depends on what type of field shelter you would like, if the field shelter is a temporary structure that is transportable and moved regularly simply providing shelter for grazing animals, then you would not normally be required to apply for planning permission.

There are however exceptions on the general rule for mobile shelters and you may need planning permission if:

  1. Your land is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, National Parks, Conservation Areas or World Heritage Sites.
  2. Shelter is near a listed building.
  3. Land is too overdeveloped.

If you would like the field shelter to be placed in one place, as a permanent structure, then planning permission may be required, but there are circumstances where it may not be, including:

  • The shelter or stables are in your garden.
  • The structure doesn’t exceed 50% of your garden area in size.
  • The field shelter or stables are used for private leisure only and the number of horses must reflect the size of the household.

If you are unsure about whether the field shelter or stables that you intend to build will require planning permission, please contact us and we will be able to advise you accordingly.

The simple answer is yes! If you are considering how you want expand your equestrian business, which may include change of use of land, building conversions or other forms of equestrian development, then we can assist with this.

We are able to go through your ideas with you and form designs together which we will develop with you. Depending on the type of development, we would then be able to complete a business plan for you to support your planning application in addition to handling the application with the council completely on your behalf, making the process as stress free and smoothly as possible for you.  Get in touch - 01522 581 383 or e-mail [email protected] 

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Equine Planning & Equestrian Development Specialists
Fytche-Taylor Planning & Design for Equestrian and Equine Development - based at Burton Waters Marina, Lincoln
Fytche-Taylor Planning & Design for Equestrian and Equine Development - based at Burton Waters Marina, Lincoln

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