Advice for Landowners seeking to develop, sell land or promote their site

If you are a landowner with a site that you think may have the potential for future development, Fytche-Taylor Planning would like to hear from you.  We will advise you on the options available to you for planning and developing your site, including discussing purchasing options should you prefer to sell your land rather than pursue development yourself.  

Timing is crucial when it comes to promoting sites, particularly during Local Plan reviews or when seeking Planning Permission, so please don't delay getting in touch. 

With our extensive development experience we can guide you through the Planning Application process, either acting on your behalf to acquire planning permission or, alternatively, negotiate an options agreement for purchasing your land from you, subject to planning approval. 

We can also advise what your land may be best suited for, using our extensive experience of Residential, Leisure, Regeneration, Commercial and Mixed-Use Developments.  Please contact us for an initial consultation to discuss your unique requirements.

Development Sites for Planning Permission

Local Plan Reviews and Site Promotion Opportunities

Stay ahead of the game by being fully prepared when new 'Call for Sites' are launched by your Local Planning team.  Local Plans set out where development will take place in future, together with policies that promote sustainable growth.  Fytche-Taylor Planning can prepare your submission ready to put forward for consideration at the right time.

Our team have considerable Planning Policy and plan-making experience, including at Director Level and Head of Service level in Local Government.  As such, Fytche-Taylor Planning are ideally placed to promote your development site. 

If you own land that you would like to have considered and promoted for development, please get in touch to discuss our fees and find out more about promoting your land assets.

Development Site