Newark and Sherwood District Local Plan Review (Partial)

Autumn 2023 Update: Consultations closed but site submissions are OPEN

Newark & Sherwood Local Plan Review - find our more and get professional representation from Fytche-Taylor Planning Ltd.

Partial Local Plan Review - now Live

As part of this plan review, Newark & Sherwood District Council are seeking to ensure that the allocations and policies in their core strategy and allocations and development management DPD continue to be appropriate, up-to-date and effective.

The council's latest consultation on their 'Amended Allocations & Development Management DPD', along with its proposed submission documents closed in January 2023Whilst no consultations are underway at this time, new sites can still be submitted (more below). 

Are You a Landowner? You need to know about site submissions....Whilst the Council are not proposing to make any new housing, employment or retail allocations through this review, it is still possible to submit land for assessment and inclusion as part of the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment.

To put land forward, the Council require a detailed form to be completed which must be submitted together with a location plan and a range of additional technical information relating to the site to demonstrate that it is suitable for residential or commercial development.  Starting this work early will put you at an advantage by making sure you don't risk missing the deadline for site submissions.  Contact us now for professional guidance and representation.

Our searches include looking at the range of possible planning constraints and the site's planning history, the likely site capacity and/or future uses, all of which are then combined in a detailed statement to show why your site should be selected and how development of your land relates to existing local and national planning policies. 

If this sounds like a lot, or you don't know where to begin, don't worry - we have an excellent track record of obtaining allocations for our clients through local plan reviews.  Fytche-Taylor Planning can help at every step of the way and are already representing a number of local landowners and developers across the Newark and Sherwood District area to their promote sites through this local plan review.  If there is scope to make a planning application instead, we can handle that too. 

If you would like us to represent you, we make the process as simple as possible and will deal with all communication with the Council. In most cases all we need to get things started is the location of the site and we can handle everything else from there.  Contact us today for a quotation.

To contact us for professional representation either fill in the form at the bottom of this page, e-mail [email protected] or call 01522 581 383.

What are Local Plans?  If you have never heard of them before, then in short these are the plans that are used to make decisions on where new houses, shops, roads and a range of employment sites will go in future, as well as setting a broad range of other targets and controls that will directly affect how an area can change and grow.  If you've ever played Sim City, then it's a bit like that, but the real-life version!  The planning system involves making decisions about the future of our cities, towns and countryside. This is vital to balance our desire to develop the areas where we live and work with ensuring the surrounding environment isn't negatively affected for everyone. It includes considering the sustainable needs of future communities.  A handy guide offering more information is available here

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Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review - The Proposed Submission Draft Plan is published - find our more and get professional representation from Fytche-Taylor Planning Ltd.

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