Kate Fytche-Taylor: Environmental & BUSINESS MANAGER

Kate Fytche-Taylor - Environmental & Business Manager - Fytche-Taylor Planning & Design Development Specialists

Kate joined in 2021 and brings over 25 years of high-level technical support to the team, including being our lead on environmental and ecological services.

Having worked in both the private sector and then for the Environment Agency working across the Anglian region, Kate has a detailed understanding of flood and water management, civil engineering project management, ecology & biodiversity assessments and environmental legislation. 

Having been responsible for water management across large parts of Lincolnshire and the Humber area, including roles in the Environmental Managements team and as the lead enforcement officer, Kate’s has built up an exceptional knowledge of the local area.

Supported by her degree in Ecology and Biodiversity, plus an HNC in Civil Engineering, Kate provides support and advice to a range of different development projects and clients. 

In addition, Kate manages our day-to-day business operations and controls all of our finances.    

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