East lindsey Local plan review & call for sites open until 12/04/21

East Lindsey Call for Sites and Local Plan Review

What is the 'Call for Sites' in East Lindsey?
East Lindsey District Council have announced a partial review of their existing Local Plan, starting with a consultation that will run for 8 weeks from 15th February 2021.

As part of this review process the Council needs to establish what land is available for development within the District and is therefore asking for sites to be submitted by landowners through a ‘Call for Sites’ process.

Do you own land in East Lindsey? If so, here's what you need to do...

If you own land in East Lindsey and would like it to be considered for development in future then now is the time to act.   To put land forward, the Council require a detailed form to be completed which must be submitted together with a location plan and a range of additional technical information relating to the site to demonstrate that it is suitable for residential or commercial development. 

This includes known planning constraints and the site's planning history, the likely site capacity and/or future uses, plus statements to show how development of the site relates to existing local and national planning policies. 

If this sounds like a lot, or you don't know where to begin, don't worry.  Fytche-Taylor Planning can help with this every step of the way and are already representing a number of local landowners and developers across the East Lindsey area to their promote sites through this local plan review.

If you would like us to represent you too, we make the process as simple as possible and will deal with all communication with the Council. In most cases all we need to get things started is the location of the site and we can handle everything else from there.  Contact us today for a quotation – but please don’t delay as the opportunity to submit sites in the ELDC Call for Sites is time limited and will close at 5pm on 12th April 2021.

To contact us for professional representation either fill in the form at the bottom of this page, e-mail [email protected] or call 01522 581 383.

More information about the 'Issues & Options and Call for Sites Consultation' made under the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (Regulation 18)

The existing East Lindsey Local Plan 2018 sets out at policy SP29 that the plan will be reviewed by 2022. The plan sets out the policies against which planning applications are considered and identifies land for certain types of development.

This first consultation is made up of two parts - The 'Call for Sites' and the publication of an 'Issues and Options Paper'.  The paper will set out certain issues which are being considered in the partial review and suggests potential options in relation to these. These changes could affect all planning decisions in future within East Lindsey and therefore landowners and developers are encouraged to make formal representations to give their opinion of the changes proposed.

Both the Issues and Options Paper consultation and the Call for Land will run for an eight week period starting on 15th February 2021 and ending at 5pm on 12th April 2021.

Why choose us to represent you? Fytche-Taylor Planning are highly experienced in preparing the necessary forms, technical information and supporting documentation needed to successfully promote land in local plans.  We have successfully promoted sites in Local Plan reviews across Lincolnshire and the East Midlands. Contact us today or complete the form below to discuss how we can help you promote your site.

What land is the Council looking for?
The Council is seeking the submission of sites suitable for both residential and commercial developments (employment land).

What is the purpose of the Call for Sites?
The ‘Call for Sites’ is a technical exercise to identify potential sites for development, redevelopment and alternative uses. All of the sites submitted to the Council for consideration will be assessed for their suitability, availability and deliverability as a potential allocation within the Local Plan Review.

It’s important to remember that submitting your land as part of the Call for Sites does not in itself determine whether a site should be allocated for development. However, it is important that sites are promoted through the Call for Sites effectively so that they can be included for consideration.

All sites submitted during the Call for sites will be assessed using the information provided, so putting together a strong and detailed submission document for each site is very important and will help demonstrate how your site meets the different criteria the Council are looking for.  


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